How to Get Sober Naturally Using CBD Oil

Sobriety with CBD


How to Get Sober Naturally Using CBD Oil – Exact Steps

Around 30 million suffer from Alcoholism alone in America. I’m sure that number is a lot higher. Here’s How to Get Sober Naturally Using CBD Oil.

The most demoralizing things I have ever done have been on alcohol.

Can you relate?

Then, after you do something bad on drinking, you want to hide, and in most cases you drink again to forget what you did the first time.

It’s a very dangerous downward spiral.

If you have a tendency to overdrink, you might be alcoholic and this matter is life or death.


Alcoholism is a progressive disease.

That means that it gets worse over the years instead of better, even if you stop drinking for years.

I heard it all the time in AA of people being clean and sober for over 5 years, sometimes 15 to 20 years, and a little voice in the back of their mind says “You’ve been sober long enough, you don’t have a problem. Just have one drink.”

And, after they have one drink, the demons of alcohol are so excited that they compel you to drink twice as much as ever before.

And, you feel so guilty for destroying all that time sober that you begin drinking like there’s no tomorrow, and a lot of times there is NO tomorrow.

Many people die from alcohol, that’s nothing new, but people also die from quitting cold turkey.

Your body gets to the point where it needs alcohol to function, as sick as that may sound, and if you take alcohol away from your craving body, you could have seizures, tremors, and death.

In fact, when I was 32 I was training at yet another greasy spoon dead-end job hungover from having tequila the night before, when suddenly I felt pressure in my chest.

My face turned white as I ran to the bathroom and vomited.

Ten minutes later, I was trembling on the ground with a born-again waitress praying over me.

I had a heart-attack.

I know for sure it was because I was dehydrated and because alcohol was leaving my body.

What I Did to Stop Drinking and Get Sober Naturally

The first thing I did when I quit, was I ate a candy bar every night when or if I had cravings.

Since alcohol is mostly sugar, you can help alcohol cravings by eating something like a Snickers bar.

The next thing I did was I stopped going to places, or associated with people, or things that reminded or triggered anything remotely close to alcohol.

I know this might seem harsh, but you have to cut ties with everyone in the beginning, and not go where there’s alcohol.

This can be hard to do in a small town, but you have to get out of town and start over somewhere else.

And, don’t tell anyone your new address.

If they say something to you on Facebook, say: “I need to heal myself, it’s nothing personal. I just need to take care of some very personal business.”

Bottomline: severe alcoholism is life or death. Old drinking friends won’t want you to get sober, and it’s crucial that you see them as for who they are.

They just don’t want to lose a drinking partner, so they are being selfish and insensitive, not you.

In a new town, or even if you can’t move yet, I suggest you go to 90 meetings in 90 days. This can be any type of 12 step program, but if you’re alcoholic I suggest AA.

Find someone you like in AA, someone you could relate to, and say you need them as a sponsor.

Therefore, you won’t be totally alone. Your boyfriend or girlfriend might not understand why you’re getting sober, but a sponsor will.

After your AA meeting, I want you to go to the gym.

I want you to swim, ride the bike, or another cardio exercise that you like.

This will kick your brain into producing naturally good feeling endorphins, instead of toxic chemicals alcohol produced.

Go into the sauna after your workout to relax. Limit your time in there to 15 to 20 minutes.

Take a cold shower afterwards.

After a couple weeks of Snickers bars, I want you to cut out sugar completely, that means no pop either, and switch to Stevia sweetener.

Work closely with your sponsor and go through the twelve steps.

Last but not least, forgive yourself and don’t look back!


So, How to Get Sober Naturally Using CBD Oil

CBD oil is a powerful compound from the hemp plant. It is not marijuana.

In fact, it has no THC whatsoever and is actually a antipsychotic.

CBD oil is completely natural, organic, and is basically plant medicine.

It has a soothing quality and once it builds up in your system can do wondrous things.

I started taking CBD oil about two months ago and noticed when I went to a new job interview that I hardly had any nervousness.

My left eye also used to twitch when I got nervous and that has subsided as well.

I take about a half of a dropper in the morning and half of a dropper right before bed.

I think that CBD oil could calm you while you transition from quitting alcohol and getting sober.

Here’s an article on How Much CBD Oil Should I Take.

Research has already shown that CBD oil may help some more serious issues, such as:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • ADHD
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Schizophrenia
  • HIV
  • Autism
  • Depression
  • Arthritis
  • Etc.


CBD Oil is the latest natural compound that is surprising researchers and creating excitement in the health and wellness industry.

I think with the tips I mentioned above, you’ll be on your way to complete sobriety in no time.

The only thing that can be a threat to you really is “feeling too good” in your new healthy lifestyle.

This happened to me a lot in the beginning.

Alcoholics in AA call this the “pink cloud.”

The pink cloud is like the honeymoon stage for alcoholics.

Be careful, and talk to your sponsor a lot during this time, but it’s easy to justify drinking again when you are feeling awesome.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps. Please comment below what has helped you.

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